08 April 2010

It's Moving Day!

Threadbared has moved!

At a our new home on Wordpress, you'll find:
  • A newly minted URL with a little "love note" embedded in it: http://iheartthreadbared.wordpress.com/. Actually, we had to add that first part because "threadbared" was already used.

  • A shiny new masthead!

  • Bigger photos!

  • More cross-posting information (because everyone likes a bit of context)!

  • The option to comment directly on blog posts! As you know, for the past few years we've maintained a "no comment" policy for the sake of preserving what little extra time we had. Monitoring and managing comments, we found, was more time-consuming than we thought. However, due to popular demand, we're going to allow commenting on the Wordpress site. Please help us maintain this feature by reading and respecting our new comment policy!
In addition to blog comments, you can still comment on our Facebook page (become a Facebook fan if you aren't already!) and follow us on Bloglovin and Twitter. Our email address remains the same too.

Don't forget to update your bookmark to http://iheartthreadbared.wordpress.com/

Threadbared.blogspot.com will remain, and you may even find that some of the older links will link back to this site, but we will no longer be updating this site.